Importance of Education:

Education is an important fundament of any society. People need to learn about the basics of education. It's not wrong to say that people in many areas are not supporting education well. Just because of those people many kids especially girls are not getting an education. Education is the only source to grow any society.

Educated mothers can give educated leaders.

But unfortunately, people are just focusing on making money, maintaining society rules, trying to make huge statuses rather than training their kids and educating them well. Only a few people are trying to set this trend of providing a good education.

In many countries, people are focusing on making money more than providing education to their kids. Education is the basic source of education of development of every country. The more you educate the kids, you will come to know that society is growing strong. Many tribal areas are not educating girls because of their conservative minds.

The more you get into this society you will know the importance of education. Because of poverty, many kids are not getting an education

Many countries are facing poverty issues and this is the main reason for educational problems.

When you see deeply across many countries, you will come to know that education is the basic source of growing any country. Let me clear that education helps in the development and progress of every society, country. Poverty leads to many issues such as severe economic, political, democratic, and social problems.

Shortage of Schools:

According to several Surveys, it is cleared that many villages, towns are facing a shortage of schools which is the leading cause of getting a low percentage of education in relevant areas. People are not focusing on building schools and educating kids of poor families. Many families can’t afford expensive schools in their areas and they are not getting the facility of education. It is very important to have schools for people relating to different classes. If we observe we can found brilliant kids around us roaming on the streets,

who are eagerly interested to get an education but because of certain circumstances they are not going to schools and the shortage of schools is one of the reasons.

This shows that kids want to acknowledge themselves more than anything which is a good sign for the development and progress of any country. When you start educating your kids you will see the change in their personality, their language, their mindset, etc.

Education helps in the Grooming of kids:

You can easily assume the changes in the personality of your kids before and after educating them. They start observing good and bad trends accordingly. Education helps them in their personal grooming. They set their goals for the future and start working on them. Dreaming for your dreams is not at all bad and everyone should have the right to work on their dreams, goals, etc. It's not wrong to say that:

Dreams are hope, Daydreams are illusions.

To Conclude, I would like to mention that kids of every culture, race, religion should get the chance to acknowledge themselves to be a better person in society. And providing schools, in every town, the village of almost every country of the world will help them out to reach their goals.

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